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The Doctor

Dr Junaid Ahmad is a well known, trained plastic surgeon in Lahore. He is MBBS and FCPS in Plastic and Recosntructive Surgery. He is graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. He is doing his practice in Lahore, Paksitan. He is always kind to the patients and listens them carefully as it is part of modern clinical skill and training. He is expert in both cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery. He is also skin cancer and burn expert.

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Lahore Pakistan

Lahore is the largest city and capital of Punjab province in Pakistan. It is historical city and remaied capital of combined India for centuries. Rich in culture and history it is very lively city. Multiple remains of history, 1000 of years old buildings and forts and shrine. It has an international airport and foreigh patients arrieve and depart without any eonnecting flights.

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Welcome to Lahore Plastic Surgery

At Lahore plastic surgery center, we provide best up to date medical and cosmetic surgery services in no time. We deal in cancers and reconstructive surgery of the missing or damages body parts as well. Among our most common surgeries are breast augmentation, hand surgery and non surgical procedures. Outline of our most common procedures is

  • Non Invasive Procedures
  • Breast Surgery
  • Tummy Tuc
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Tendons Repair
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Burns Graftings
  • Hand Replants
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Our Services

Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery

These surgeires are equally good for young and aging patients. An ugly nose in young patient and skin laxity of face in an old patient both are botehersome problems.

  • Face Lift
  • Nose Reshape
  • Breast Reshape
  • Body Contouring and Tummy Tuc
  • Liposuction
  • Genitalia Correction
Congenital Problems
Congenital Problems

Some babies are born with defects, cleft lip and cleft palate are very common congenital problems. We have years of experience in dealing with them.

  • Cleft Lip and Palate
  • Hand Abnormalities
  • Moles and CMN
  • Absent Vagina or Genitalia
Hand Surgery
Hand Surgery

Hand is one of most important organ for work and routine life. A non functional hand is no hand. We do all procedures to make it working again.

  • Contractures of hand
  • Tendon and Nerves
  • Hand Emergency and Trauma
Cancers Surgery

Skin cancers like Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell carcinomas are dealed with our expert doctor. Breast cancer and breast reconstruction is also done.

  • Basal Cell Cancer
  • Squamous Cell Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Melanoma
Emergency Trauma Care
Emergency Trauma Care

Some trauma patients need plastic surgery to cover the wounds, specially in legs hands and skin degloving wounds. Diabetic patients are also treated for wound coverage.

  • Skin Loss
  • Face Trauma
  • Hand Trauma
Bariatic Procedures
Bariatic Procedures

Gastric ballooning is getting very poplular to loose weight in fatty patients. We do it without surgery

  • Gastric Balloon
Burn Patient Care
Burn Patient Care

Burn of skin may lead to loss of skin and require surgery to make skin whole again. Some patients may get life threatening burn injuries. Burns are dealth with care of plastic surgery.

  • Flame Burns
  • Acid Burns
  • Scald Burns
Reconstructive Surgery
Reconstructive Surgery

A lost breast, penis, vagina, after cancer or trauma need to be remade. It is called reconstructive surgery. We also deal in loss of viginity due to trauma.

  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Body Reconstruction
  • Hand Reconstruction
  • Genitalia Reconstruction
Micro Vascular Surgery
Micro Vascular Surgery

Hand cut in Tokka machine injuries or a free flap for wound of cancer patients is taken care by us. We deal such cases with great deal.

  • Hand Replant
  • Finger Replant
  • Arm Replant
  • Free Flaps
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