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Best Tummy Tuck in Lahore
Mini Tummy Tuck

It is for those who has slight belly protuberance. Only a limited scar will help them get in shape.

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Best Tummy Tuck in Lahore
Full Tummy Tuck

Those who has slight more fat and skin on the belly. It has excellent results.

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Best full tummy tuk in Lahore
Circumferential Tummy Tuck

This tummy tuck procedure also invloves back side along with front.

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Best buttock enhancement in Lahore
Buttock Lift

We combine buttock lift procedure with circumferenctial tummy tuck procedure in such a way thet buttocks are enhanced.

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Best Mommy Make Over Tummy Tuck in Lahore
Mommy Make Over

For the mothers who have completed their families. We offer them tummy tucka and saggy breast lift at the same time. They get their unmarried girl looks back afterwards.

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Best Tummy Tuck Body lifts and contouring in Lahore
Arm Thigh and Body Lifts

Get your arms and legs in shape and remove all extra fats and extra wrinkles skin from them with body contouring procedures.

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Best Fat removal and Liposuction in Lahore
Liposuction with Tummy Tuck

We combine liposuctions with body contouring procedures. We perform liposuction with best liposuction intruments available in the world.

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Best Tummy tuck hernia in Lahore
Tummy Tuck Hernia Repair

Umblical and belly hernia are repaired with tummy tuck incisions which are totally hiden in skin creases.

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Tummy Tuck and Most Common Procedures

These are few related common plastic surgery procedures along with Tummy tuck. For a complete list of all proceduers click on main menu