FAQs: What is Breast Ptosis? Grades? and Mastopexy?

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Q: What is Breast Ptosis Grades and Mastopexy?

Breast Ptosis

Female breast ptosis is sagging of breast and it is a natural consequence of aging. The rate at which a woman's breasts drop and the degree of ptosis depends on many factors. The key factors influencing breast ptosis over a woman's lifetime are cigarette smoking, her number of pregnancies, gravity, higher body mass index, larger bra cup size, and significant weight gain and loss. Post-menopausal women or people with collagen deficiencies may experience increased ptosis due to a loss of skin elasticity. Many women and medical professionals mistakenly believe that breastfeeding increases sagging. It is also commonly believed that the breast itself offers insufficient support and that wearing a bra prevents sagging which has not been found to be true.

Grades of Ptosis?

Plastic surgeons categorize the degree of ptosis by evaluating the position of the nipple relative to the infra-mammary fold, the point at which the underside of the breasts attach to the chest wall. In the most advanced stage, the nipples are below the fold and point towards the ground.

  • Nipple is above the infra-mammary fold
  • Nipple is at the infra-mammary fold
  • Nipple is sagged and below the infra-mammary fold


Plastic surgeons correct the ptosis or sagging of breast by procedure called mastopexy.

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