FAQs: Why Hair Fall in Men? Pattern? Solution?

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Q: Why Hair Fall in Men? Pattern? Solution?

Why Hair Fall?

  • Family Trends (Uncle the brother of your mom?)
  • Infections, Dandruff, etc
  • Diet is not proper

The family trend= i sgenetically defined so it is most important factor in hair fall in men.

Grades of Hair Fall?

Plastic surgeons use the grades defined by Norwood. These are shown in this picture.


There are mulitple solutions done by palstic surgeon to stop hair fall and replant new hair. These new hair are taken from you on back side of your head.

  • FUT Hair Transplant
  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • PRP Therapy

Non Surgical Hair Transplants. Also called FUE hair transplant. There is not cut no stitches and scars with this technique

Surgical Hair Transplants. Also called FUT hair transplant. Best treatment till date for baldness

PRP Therapy is not hair transplant. Inseat of hair transplant blood is infused into skin of head and which helps in hair fall and regrow hair

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